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From Temple Close to Templars Close

On Friday, 13 October 1307, France arrested its Knights Templar.  A dawn swoop in January 1308 saw the English, Scots and Irish Templars taken in.  The commander [Preceptor] at Temple Sandford was held in Oxford Castle, while his sergeants [servants] and lay-brothers continued running Templar lands under open arrest. Wheatley tenants rented over 100 Templar … Continue reading

‘A Country fit for Heroes to live in’ – Prime Minister Lloyd George, 1918

New homes rewarded the returning soldiers of 1919 when local authorities became major landlords, with subsidies and powers to compel land purchase.  Wheatley’s housing stock rose by 30% (100 homes) in the 1920s, half of them the Wheatley Urban District Council black-and-white faced ‘Tudorbethans’ on the new London Rd [‘The Cut’] and The Avenue.  The … Continue reading