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From Temple Close to Templars Close

On Friday, 13 October 1307, France arrested its Knights Templar.  A dawn swoop in January 1308 saw the English, Scots and Irish Templars taken in.  The commander [Preceptor] at Temple Sandford was held in Oxford Castle, while his sergeants [servants] and lay-brothers continued running Templar lands under open arrest. Wheatley tenants rented over 100 Templar … Continue reading

‘A Country fit for Heroes to live in’ – Prime Minister Lloyd George, 1918

New homes rewarded the returning soldiers of 1919 when local authorities became major landlords, with subsidies and powers to compel land purchase.  Wheatley’s housing stock rose by 30% (100 homes) in the 1920s, half of them the Wheatley Urban District Council black-and-white faced ‘Tudorbethans’ on the new London Rd [‘The Cut’] and The Avenue.  The … Continue reading

Wheatley’s Crimea Veteran – Richard Summers

[Richard Summers lost a leg as a 23 year-old soldier in 1854. He married a Wheatley girl, they raised a family, and he ran a sweetshop on the High Street until his death in 1905.] On 13 September 1854, newly trained, Summers disembarked with 2nd Battalion, The Rifle Brigade, onto the Crimean coast of Russia. … Continue reading

Wheatley Windmill

There has been at least one windmill on Wheatley’s southern horizon since 1671, when a local rate book mentioned that it was ‘in a ruinous condition’. A mill is marked on Michael Burghers’ map dated 1676. Co incidentally, Samuel Goode, miller of Wheatley, who died in 1678, was probably bankrupt, for his executors refused to … Continue reading

The Round House and Stocks

Wheatley’s best known landmark is its six-faced, pyramid lock-up of 1834. This ‘round house’ or ‘keep’, a temporary holding place for those arrested before they were taken before the Justices, was built on the parish stone pits where parish ‘paupers’ earned their living (work fare) by breaking stones for parish roads. In its day it … Continue reading

Post Template – preferred format

Enter or copy and paste text as appropriate, using standard format (highlight and “remove formatting” if required) – you can use this post as a starting point by selecting “Copy a Post” below. If possible insert a suitable image/photo using the “Add Media” button, and select desired size and position (left/right/centre) – these attributes can … Continue reading

The Stagecoach

Private coach-and-four being turned outside Aldens Farm, London Road, east of Wheatley Bridge, Coronation Year, 1937. The top-hatted occupant seems to be en route to a formal social event. A public stagecoach like this ran the London to Oxford road through Wheatley for nearly two centuries until steam took over from the horse. It also … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Carry On

‘Keep Calm and …’  Talking of shelters, at least one air raid shelter survives in Wheatley, and an incendiary bomb (now defused) which fell near the river.  Bulllngdon ARP recorded 51 air raids in 1940-45, including 240 HEx, 9 phosphor and 280 Incendiaries dropped, and a machine gun attack.  Two were killed and 10 injured.  … Continue reading